Passport Program Update – Where Is Your Chapter At?

Earlier this year we talked about using the Leadership Passport Program as a guide to planning out your chapter’s year ahead. How is that coming?

If your chapter has not completed its Leadership Passport Program yet, no worries! There’s still time to get this campaign completed so you can earn some awesome recognition at the 2017 Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference in Anaheim, Calif., next April.

The firs step is to come up with your Program of Work for the year. It is here that we can include the aspects of the Passport Program into our chapter activities. The Leadership Passport Program is so encompassing that if your chapter goes through the options available, it will give the chapter a framework from which they can plan out the work they want to do this year.

For example, we are coming up on the Collegiate Leadership Academy in November. Does your chapter have at least three people going to the conference? If so, then the chapter has one of the qualifiers marked off already!

Some of the best plans I’ve heard of this year are from chapters who have broken down the year month-by-month and then sought to accomplish two to four items each month. This way, the chapter doesn’t get to the end of the year and then have to try to put a lot of things together last minute, which usually doesn’t give the best results. A huge advantage to breaking things up month-by-month is that we always have activities for our members to be engaged in too. This tends to lead to stronger, more involved chapters.

Last year, my chapter found that there were several members who did not want to compete, but they started to get more engaged in the chapter when we talked about the Passport Program. Also, this activity helps demonstrate to your school and our student body the value that DECA brings to each to students and the community. It’s a win-win!

Let’s not forget that one of the qualifiers for the Leadership Passport Program is having members of your chapter qualify for the Individual Passport Award. My experience is that for a chapter to do well at the Chapter Passport Program, it has to do well at getting individual members interested in doing the Individual Passport Program as well.

This goes back to our planning. There are a number of things that a chapter can do to help their members to get started ranging from the very easy, like distributing marketing materials for a chapter event, to larger events like holding a resume writing workshop to help students write a winning resume and cover letter.

The Leadership Passport Program is an essential part of helping our members to become well-rounded leaders in the business world and our communities.

If your chapter has not made this program a point of emphasis for your year, I strongly urge you to use it in creating an amazing chapter.

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