How to Increase Sales in Your SBE During Football Season

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For many School-based Enterprises (SBEs), football season is super successful, with many customers and profit.

Below are several tips on how to increase your sales during football season in your chapter’s school based enterprise.

 1. Spirit Bundles

If affordable, try putting together a bundle of spirit items to sell at a discounted price. The spirit bundles can be sold on a certain day (possibly even a game day), and if announced prior to that day, can direct new or returning customers into your store. The spirit bundles can range from a few necklaces to a t-shirt and a bag, but be sure to check that you will be gaining profit, not losing it.

2. Social Media Advertising

Creating social media pages for your SBE is a very important step in communicating with your customers. By creating a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page, you can easily communicate with students and parents your new inventory, special deals, as well as ask for suggestions for new products. This is especially helpful for parents to see the shirts you have in stock for your school store, without them having to make an extra trip to your school during an inconvenient time.

3. Student Section Supplies

High school student sections are now taking things to an entire new level. Student sections are now using streamers, baby powder, glow sticks, paint, and many more supplies prior to and at the football games. Coordinate with the leader of the student section at your high school, and offer to sell student section supplies in the store. Doing this will create a higher number of customers who come to the store on game days, which will most likely result in more sales.

4. Marketing At Games

If possible, advertise your SBE at the football games. Some SBE stores even sell their products at football games. This is another way for parents to be aware of the SBE and the products that your store has to offer.

SMC_Ally_WhiteThis article was written by DECA Direct Social Media Correspondent Ally White. You can follow Ally on Twitter @allywhite_deca.

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