Harker DECA Recruits New Members with Launch Event and Beginner’s Guide

With the start of the new school year, Harker DECA in San Jose, Calif., aimed to recruit new members with two primary strategies: DECA Launch and the Beginner’s Guide.

From August 15 to 16, 2016, Harker DECA hosted its third annual DECA Launch, a competitive excellence program for students interested in anything related to business. The purpose of the event was to excite potential members for the school year, introduce students into the DECA community and begin early preparation for success in competition.

“DECA Launch this year was amazing. We had approximately a third of the grade show up, our record-breaking, which was incredible,” said senior Riya Chandra, Harker DECA’s co-Chief Executive Officer.

Aside from guest speakers, such as California DECA President Moksh Jawa, informative lectures, and event workshops, Launch also consisted of many student challenges: Idea Challenge (a simulation of the national DECA Idea Challenge), Scavenger Hunt, and Role-Play Tournament. Overall, it succeeded in recruiting many new DECA members and preparing the chapter for the upcoming competitive season.

“Launch was really fun. I definitely think I got more confident in public speaking, and it was just a great experience,” freshman attendee Larissa Tyagi said. “I learned a lot about what DECA is, what I want to do and my goals for the next four years.”

Another new strategy implemented this year is The Beginner’s Guide to DECA, created by Harker DECA’s Director of Communications, sophomore Shania Wang. This information manual provides definitions on the different aspects of DECA, such as the principles and four pillars of DECA, the purpose of each conference and event descriptions. Other basic terms include conference etiquette, business dress and officer advice.

The Beginner’s Guide to DECA is meant to be a resource for all members, especially first-year members, to reference whenever they don’t know or need more information on something,” Wang said. “It allows new members to become more familiar with DECA and what it is.”

As the school year progresses, Harker DECA looks forward to start hosting weekly Study Sessions and prepare for DECA Month in November.

SMC_Shania_WangThis article was written by Harker DECA Director of Communications, Shania Wang. You can follow Harker DECA on Twitter @HarkerDECA.

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