Will Your Chapter Accept the Challenge?

Showcase all the hard work that your DECA members are putting in this year, and prepare to reap the rewards. If you’re indeed a devoted and committed DECA chapter, accept my challenge, and prove that you all embody what it
truly means to Own Your Future.

H_Brandon_AllenIf anything holds true of DECA members, it’s that we all share a competitive spirit! With that in mind, I’m confident your chapter will accept my challenge to complete ALL FIVE of DECA’s Chapter Campaigns this year!

As many chapter officer teams are beginning to plan out their year ahead, what better time to start thinking about DECA’s Chapter Campaigns than now? These campaigns were developed to help chapter’s better organize their Program of Leadership, and give chapters the ability to earn the recognition they deserve.

There is power in numbers, and by help your chapter excel by further expanding the DECA experience to more members, keeping alumni involved, and engaging professional members can earn your chapter acclaim!

This campaign provides chapter members an opportunity to share with their school and community what DECA is all about. You can also showcase how your chapter is making a positive impact on its members for their futures as well.

In conjunction with the celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week during November 14-20, 2016, the GEW Campaign gives your chapter the opportunity to share the entrepreneurial spirit with members and non-members alike!

Being community oriented is a cornerstone of DECA’s membership, so why not get recognized for the impact you’re making right in your own hometown?

Completing the Advocacy Campaign is a great way to celebrate Career & Technical Education Month in February not only within your chapter, but in your school too!

Are you ready to grow your chapter and build lasting partnerships within your school and community? Let the games begin!

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