Is SoLoMo Really Dead?

The year was 2007, and thanks to the rising popularity of mobile devices, the ability to connect with brands and businesses based on your location was the newest phenomenon. SoLoMo – which stands for social, local, mobile – represented the dramatic change that was occurring in society as mobile devices became the dominate form of communication, entertainment and connectivity.

Apps like Foursquare were dominating the marketplace, encouraging users to “check in” at their favorite locations, like restaurants, stores and entertainment venues, using their mobile devices. This radical concept may not seem that innovative now, but 10 years ago, the concept of being able to broadcast your location and activities using GPA-enabled smartphones was all the rage.

Fast-forward to 2016 and you may think that SoLoMo is really not relevant anymore. Without apps like Foursquare or the novelty of location-based social networking, is SoLoMo dead? Not at all!

While the actual term “SoLoMo” isn’t being tossed around on blogs or Twitter anymore, the true concepts that drove this movement are very much still present, most notably in the latest and greatest social networking app, Snapchat.

At it’s core, Snapchat is SoLoMo:

  • SO[CIAL] Snapchat is the latest way to connect with friends, either by sharing photos or utilizing the chat feature.
  • LO[CAL] Geofilters are what make Snapchat the ultimate location-based social media site. It’s now easier and better than ever to tell your followers where you are and what you’re doing by adding creative, location-based geofilters to your snaps.
  • MO[BILE] Snapchat lives on mobile, and unlike other sites like Facebook, can only be accessed on a mobile device.

As Snapchat continues to consume our lives, the basic elements of SoLoMo will continue to live on.

While it’s still fun to check in on Facebook, add a location to your Instagram photo or add your current city to your tweets, Snapchat’s geofilters continue to dominate the location-based social networking scene.

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