Conquer Your Membership Campaign with These Actions Steps for Target Markets

It’s that time of the year again! School’s back in session, students are busy filling up their schedules and membership campaigns are back in action.

Below are some different audiences where you may find potential members, which you might consider targeting to create the best opportunities for your DECA chapter.C_Felix_Albl

College Students:

College students are the core to your membership. What is the best way to reach them? Get in the classroom and talk to the students. Consider creating a unified presentation and start getting into those classrooms. Don’t forget to not only engage business students, but also get into other fields.

High School DECA Members/ Alumni:

Make sure that DECA is visible on your campus. Who knows how many freshmen are high school DECA alumni! Get the word out, send an all-student email, advertise in the school paper, get flyers on your bulletin boards. Want to connect with high school members before they are in college? Find your local high school chapters and visit them. Talk about the Collegiate DECA opportunities and get the word out.

Collegiate Alumni:

Build a network and keep your alumni connected. You never know who might have been in DECA back in their college days. Get the word out in the community, by advertising in your local newspaper, contacting former members and creating a way to keep alumnae updated.

Campus Faculty & Administrators:

Your current advisor is a great resource, but reach out to your campus faculty and administrators. Show them how they can help grow DECA on your campus and what their investment will mean to the students. From attending and speaking at meetings, to judging at local competitions, make sure Campus Faculty and Administrators are aware of DECA.

Business and Community Leaders:

What better way to “Connect College to Careers” than to reach out to local business and community leaders? Nobody will be able to gain your members insight better than the local business and community leaders. They will be great assets in completion judging and mentoring for projects.

The five target markets above are crucial in meeting your chapter membership goals and will help make the most of your DECA year.

Get out there and show everybody how to own their future with DECA.

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