How to Hold a Better Chapter Meeting

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While DECA chapters across the country are getting involved with different activities, everything from advocating for DECA to congressmen, to zoning hotels in DECA’s Virtual Business Challenge, most chapters have one thing in common: meetings.

At the local level, chapters usually hold around one to four meetings a month, and as the school year continues, it may be harder to keep up member engagement.H_Victoria_Meng

Students may not want to brave an early morning meeting, or stay late after school, so chapters may need to get creative in how they run and promote meetings.

Here are some three ways to hold a better chapter meeting:

1. Incentivize Attendance

You probably don’t want the first time you meet your fellow chapter members to be at the yearbook photo, so to encourage attendance keep track of which members come to meetings with some kind of “points system.” This tool can recognize members that consistently show up at meetings, and officers can also come up with rewards for the “most active member award” or a special graduation cord for members who fulfill an attendance requirement. Food at meetings definitely can’t hurt either!

2. Find Ways to be Interactive

Games and activities at meetings can really boost member engagement and make them excited for each new meeting. While some icebreakers can help get members acquainted with each other, informational activities can also foster interest in marketing or even prepare members for their competitive events.

Online tools like Kahoot! can be used to pull together a quick game of trivia and a variety of marketing activities can be found online. For example, chapter members could be given an advertisement to reimagine for a foreign culture or be asked to create a new slogan for a popular company.

3. Make Information Accessible

No matter what aspects of DECA chapters are involved in, there can be a lot of information that members need to know. Often, long presentations during meetings can be overwhelming, and members tend to zone out after the first fifteen minutes of dress code policies and updates to chapter bylaws.

To make new information memorable, there should be some kind of handout that members can take with them after the meeting to reference. In this digital age, chapters don’t have to be limited to just flyers or newsletters taped to the bulletin board. Try uploading PowerPoint presentations to a shareable Google Drive folder, sharing a link to poster downloads, or creating a website to house important information.

With these simple tips in mind, your chapter will soon be hosting meetings that every member wants to attend!

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