Tips to Completing Collegiate DECA’s Chapter Campaigns

Collegiate DECA offers three specific campaigns to help chapters be successful: the Jumpstart Campaign, the Membership Campaign, and the Advocacy Campaign.

Beginning with the Jumpstart Campaign will get your chapter started off on the right foot by recruiting new student members, advisors, and professional/alumni members as soon as school starts.

Any big task is easier if broken up into smaller chunks, so tap into all your resources. Be present at New Student Orientation or Club Rush, or whatever event your school uses for recruiting into organizations and clubs. Talk to your members who have recently graduated to see if they would be an alumni member. Talking to everyone you know or meet about joining your organization, in whatever capacity they would fit, will help you reach the goal of 25 new members by December 1, 2016.

Next, the Membership Campaign goes a step further into recruiting.

By February 15, 2017, the deadline by which all members are to be submitted to the national DECA registry, if your chapter has increased by 15/30/60 members over the last year, your chapter will be recognized at the Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference in April. One of the most effective recruiting tools is speaking in classrooms on campus about the benefits of DECA. Be sure to include all majors and disciplines, not just business. DECA offers so much that is valuable to all majors. Also, bridge the gap to high school DECA to help funnel students to you.

The Advocacy Campaign takes place in February, which is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month.

This campaign has three prongs and requires planning ahead. First, schedule to see your state’s senators or representatives in their local offices to talk about DECA’s importance. Going to Capitol Hill to advocate for DECA and CTE has certainly been one of my favorite activities so far while serving as an executive officer. Representatives’ schedules fill fast, so be sure to make an appointment in advance. For Community Outreach, partner with your school to further their agenda in the community. The last component is Campus Outreach, where you have the opportunity to do something to make your campus a better place. Brainstorm ideas of what needs improving and come up with a plan to make those areas better.

Completing these campaigns will help make your chapters bigger and stronger than ever before, on campus and off. Get to work today and be sure to share your progress on social media using #OwnYourFuture.

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