Performance Indicator Lists Updated for 2016-2017

Understanding DECA’s performance indicator lists will enable members to prepare for DECA’s Competitive Event Program.

DECA’s competitive event program is aligned to National Curriculum Standards in the career clusters of marketing, business management and administration, finance and hospitality and tourism.SMC_Ryan_Witzig

Performance indicator lists have been updated to assist members and advisors as they navigate through each list.

Key changes include:

  • Identification of tiers within in performance indicator lists.
  • Section dividers that identify which events the performance indicators pertain to.

The Business Administration Core is the foundation of DECA’s Competitive Events Program (Tier 1). As events become more specialized, they are associated with a career cluster (Tier 2) and possibly a career pathway (Tier 3).

At each tier, content becomes more specialized. Within each tier, each performance indicator is assigned a curriculum planning level on a continuum of instruction ranging from simple to complex.

DECA mostly uses performance indicators at the prerequisite, career-sustaining and specialist curriculum planning levels. The tiers do not necessarily indicate levels of rigor, but rather a progression of knowledge and skills from a broad career interest to a very specialized career focus.

To view current performance indicator lists please go here:

Pages 30-31 of the Guide also provide detailed information about performance indicators.

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