How to #OwnYourFuture This Fall

Back to school and back to DECA time is already an exciting time, but as many DECA members know, the fall months leading up to competition season can bring about a lull.

Here are four ways to keep yourself (and your chapter members) in good spirits, and your DECA skills in full force this fall:

1. Start your projects early! Whether it be a paper, presentation, or media items, get started now so you won’t be scrambling when your association’s Career Development Conference comes around!

2. Get involved in your community. Just because competition isn’t going on, doesn’t mean your DECA chapter can take a rest! These are a great way to get your entire chapter involved and more interested in what your chapter is all about! Get out in the community to complete DECA’s Community Service Campaign and make a difference!

3. Study, study, study! One of the best ways to remember something is by using repetition. While doing some practice tests might not always be fun, the feeling of medaling in your test on stage surely makes up for it! Whether it be flashcards, 10 test questions a day, or a few performance indicators a day, every little bit counts!

4. Keep up on industry trends. A good way to present new, fresh ideas to judges during role plays, is to inform yourself of what is actually happening in the business world! Then, think of ways this could apply to your competition cluster!

What are your favorite ways to keep your DECA chapter active and energized during the fall? Let DECA know on Twitter or Instagram!

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