The Ultimate Advisor Guidebook is Here!

Utilize the newly updated Be A Hero: The Ultimate Advisor Guidebook as a tool to engage your members.

Along with some cool ideas to engage your members in DECA’s chapter campaigns, the updated Be a Hero: The Ultimate Advisor Guidebook covers the following topics:

Let’s Talk About DECA

At the local level, you are able to choose from the array of learning programs supported by your chartered association and integrate them into your classroom instruction to make learning vibrant and relevant. Take a look at how your local chapter connects to your chartered association and DECA Inc.

DECA Connects

The DECA experience starts in the classroom where students learn business concepts in preparation for college and careers. A powerful instructional component, DECA brings the classroom to life by empowering the teacher-advisor to make learning relevant with educational programs that integrate into classroom instruction, apply learning, connect to business and promote competition. The successful integration of each of these four interconnected components, also part of DECA’s guiding principles, results in a strong program that produces college and career ready students

DECA’s Comprehensive Learning Program

DECA’s Comprehensive Learning Program enhances the possibility for a greater range of student cognitive abilities to be developed. When using program components as application or extended learning activities, student members are rigorously engaged in relevant exercises that develop the problem-solving and comprehension skills essential for college and careers. DECA’s activities naturally support programs of study in the career clusters of marketing, business management, finance and hospitality, giving you tools and resources to incorporate DECA into your curriculum and courses.

Advisor’s Role

As an advisor, DECA provides you with a powerful array of tools and resources that you can integrate into classroom instruction and bring your classroom to life as you prepare members for college and careers. The most successful teachers and DECA advisors take advantage of DECA’s instructional activities by using them in class to apply learning, connect to business and promote competition — a key motivator for members. Check out professional learning opportunities and many resources to help you succeed as a DECA advisor.

Chapter Strategy

DECA’s Chapter Strategy provides the framework and resources to develop your chapter in a business-like context, helping your members apply learning. Think of your DECA chapter as a small business or corporation – complete with a leadership team, goals, a program of leadership and project management techniques, all supporting DECA’s mission.

Gaining Support

Savvy DECA advisors understand that having the support of people outside their program in the school and in the local community can make their jobs easier and take their program to a higher level. While you are taking steps to build your program internally, don’t forget to cultivate support within the school community as well as beyond the school.

You can check out the newly updated Be A Hero: The Ultimate Advisor Guidebook here.

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