4 Hard to Hear Lessons About Losing

If you're a DECA member, it is certain that at some point during your DECA career, you will lose.

And I’m not talking about a blazer button or an iPhone charger here either.

Whether that’s in competition, within your chapter, or at a fundraiser, it's important to understand that losing happens to the most brilliant, passionate, qualified people. Everyone will lose at some point.

What is even more important is not letting losing come between you and something you love. So here are four things I've learned, through DECA and life, as a result of “taking an L.”

1. Failure is temporary.

In the grand scheme of everything, you'll find that your loss is NOT the end of the world, even if it seems colossal right now. In the real world, there exist an unlimited number of different opportunities to dive into…outside of your chapter, your school, and your state. So, especially if you're in high school, recognize that the world is literally awaiting someone like you to take it by storm. Your story is so much bigger than this one loss.

2. Failing can feel pretty lonely.

Often, you're surrounded by people who are successful, and it can make you feel worse. There will not always someone there to cheer you up and praise your efforts, or tell you that you did your best. You've got to learn to be there for yourself, and let go of any resentment towards others, because that's only holding you back from future success. It's hard, but you will do it.

3. It molds you into a better person.

You’ll know to work harder, to be more tenacious, and to value achievements more. The next time you succeed is going to feel so much sweeter now that you've experienced failure – an amazing feeling, I assure you. These are all important lessons you would have never learned simply by winning.

4. Nothing should keep you from doing what you love.

Absolutely nothing – because if it's truly your passion, no amount of negativity or discouragement is enough to tip the scale of your self-worth. It is normal to have fear and harbor insecurity, but realize that what you have to offer the world is far too valuable not to try again, to keep trying, no matter what comes your way. You are so valuable, and this failure will not define you… what you do afterward will.

The best way to #OwnYourFuture this year is to go for all your goals without the fear of failing or losing, because in the end, your loss might be the best reward after all!

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