5 Ways to Make the Start of the School Year #DECAEPIC!

Another year of DECA is just about to start!

Whether you’re thrilled for another school year or not, we can all agree that we’re ready to get back to DECA.

With all the upcoming events, what is there not to be excited for?

Make this year GREAT with some of these helpful tips!

1. Spend time with your chapter's leadership team to focus on the year.

Why come into a new school year without an idea of how your chapter is going to be doing this year? It’s never too early, or late, to start planning! Look ahead to what you’re going to be doing this year and make sure you all have a pretty good idea of what is going to be happening for you and your team, and chapter. Remember suggestions are always welcome, so speak up when something sparks the mind.

2. Share DECA with everyone you know!

Think of all those people who are unaware of how great DECA is. Trust me, you’re doing them a favor by opening their eyes! There are so many ways to express DECA in and out of the classroom, so come up with an easy statement you can remember and always be ready to share information on how potential members can join or learn more.

3. Encourage students to be apart of your DECA chapter.

There are so many benefits to having more members in your chapter, so get the word out early into the school year so your new members can start their DECA journey right away. Whether you share the new membership video, have a table set up a freshman orientation, or pass out flyers and information during lunch breaks, make sure you spread the word about DECA and get potential members to your first meeting.   

4. Be social!

It’s important what within your chapter, you’re always meeting new people and members. If you’re an upperclassman, make an effort to welcome the new members and help them enjoy their first years of DECA. Also, beyond the classroom, you have plenty of chances to run into new people, and trust me it’s pretty exciting to have new friends at big events like your association conference and #DECAICDC. So don’t be scared, be social!

5. Get together as a chapter and have fun.

I know my chapter hosts “DECA Socials,” and they are the perfect way to bring everyone closer together. Whether it’s a pizza party, outdoor BBQ or a movie night fundraiser, getting outside your comfort zone, meeting new people and spending time with your DECA family is really what being a member is all about.

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