5 Ways to Kick Off a New DECA Year

A new school year, and DECA year, is really like a fresh new start. No matter how your DECA year ended in May, now is a time to regroup, rethink and get re-energized for an awesome new year!

How can you kick off the 2016-2017 school year so that your chapter is propelled into excellence from the first day onward? Check out these ideas and tips:

  1. Become involved with other school organizations.

This can be done by partnering by other clubs at your school to host fundraising events, participate in community service projects, or communicate leadership opportunities to the entire student body.

At my school, our DECA chapter donates to a cause every year during a major school rally set up by the student government group, which was presented as a written event project! Doing this allows people throughout the campus to know about our chapter and potentially join as a member themselves.

  1. Organize fundraisers.

Conference registration fees can sap your club balances by the end of the year, so the most efficient way to enhance your chapter’s bank account is to start fundraising early. This not only provides monetary support, but also engages members early in the year before conferences begin, so people can stay engaged in DECA year round.

  1. Stay active on social media.

A cost-free and simple way to reach out to your audience is to maintain a social media presence. By following school organizations, students, and other DECA chapters and associations, you can publicize your club to literally whomever you want to.

  1. Hold meetings early.

To recruit a base of freshmen and other new faces, you need to convince them to join DECA, instead of committing to other places. By starting early, instead of initiating the recruiting process closer to competition season, people can be better informed and better prepared as well.

  1. Attend local leadership conferences, or make your own.

Attending leadership events held by DECA, members can network with other members, chapter officers, and association officers, which can help in the long run and expand your following. If a leadership conference is too far away or there are too many conflicts, host an event on your own and invite DECA chapters from other schools to a friendly potluck, a kick-ball game, leadership summit, or whatever kind of activity you’d like!

With these helpful ideas, I hope your chapter is get off the ground running this new school year!

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