5 Ways to Be Successful in DECA This Year

As summer comes to end, the new school year begins and so does another year of DECA!

Although the district and state conferences may seem far away, in order to truly maximize your DECA experience, you need to get off to a strong start.

Here are five tips that ensure your success this DECA year:

1. Get Involved Early and Often

Whether you are a chapter officer or a new member, use every opportunity you get in these next few months. Whether it be helping your chapter with its membership campaign, attending a restaurant fundraiser, or even organizing a community service event, being involved will allow you to create a set of memories that you can build off of at conferences.

2. Decide Your Competitive Events

Since district conferences are a while away, you may put off thinking about your competitive event for later. However, choosing an event and your team at the beginning of the year will give you a much larger time frame to work on and refine your project which will translate to a much better final product and results.

3. Recruit Your Peers to Join

DECA is only as great as the people who make it up. Make sure to convince your peers to join as your chapter accepts membership registration so that you all can have the time of your lives at conferences!

4. Participate in Virtual and Video Challenges

Although you can’t compete in role-play and written events until conferences, you can get a head start on qualifying for #DECAICDC by competing in the DECA Stock Market Game or Virtual Business Challenge, both of which begin in the early fall. Additionally, show off your creativity through the DECA Idea Challenge, FIDM Challenge, or Herff Jones Marketing Results Challenge.

5. Network with Fellow DECA Members

Why wait till conferences to get to know other members from DECA? Reach out and network with fellow DECA members and build connections and friendships that will last even after DECA.

With these five tips, you should be in good shape to #OwnYourFuture this DECA year and reach all of your goals!

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