Why Joining DECA is Like Getting a Puppy

Starting your DECA journey is a lot like welcoming a new furry friend into your life.

Not sure what I mean? Check out these similarities below:

1. It’s overwhelming!

I remember when I walked into my first DECA meeting. There was food, music, and a lot of excited people talking about SCDC, WRLC, ELS, traveling across the country and even international competition.

What do all of these acronyms mean and why do these people seem so excited about them?

Walking into my first DECA meeting was a bit like bringing home a puppy and spending the next three days trying to figure out what to do with it.

Does Fido like his food? Does he like me? Is he drinking enough water? Is he sleeping too much?

But then, it sticks! Just like how your new little pet become part of your family, your DECA chapter quickly becomes part of your life. Maybe it was the food, or the music, but it was probably the infectious enthusiasm that seemed so integral to every DECA member’s personality and attitude.   

2. It’s incredibly exciting!

Having a fuzzy pet to call your own is the best feeling ever, but there really is no feeling in the world like your first ever DECA conference.

The booming voice on the loudspeaker, the plethora of people you’ve never met before but already have something in common with, plus the thrill of competition!

Maybe you’ve felt something like this small fluffy dog at every DECA conference you’ve been to…

Attending a DECA conference is an experience every member should have, and luckily, there are SO many awesome opportunities waiting for you this year!  

3. It is NOT low-maintenance.

Okay, any true-blue DECA fan can tell you that this is probably their extracurricular that takes up the most time, and we’re known to get a bit stressed before big conferences.

Sometimes we can be found looking something like this…

Just like life with a new puppy, your time as a DECA member will be compromised. Meetings, competition preparation, community service activities, traveling to conferences and volunteerting to make your chapter better are all necessary actions in order to make your experience truly incredible.

The good news is, there is way less clean up involved with being a DECA member than taking care of a puppy! 

4. If anyone tells you it’s not worth your time, you get super defensive.

Just like your new dog is your whole life, so is DECA – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

We all have that friend whose Facebook or Instagram is comprised solely of photos of their beloved Rufus or Fluffy, and DECA members really are the same way.

Chances are, if you search for your own association or chapter officers on social media, you’ll find their feeds are full of countdowns until conferences and photos from their own chapters.

We’re crazy-proud of this organization that’s 220,000 strong, and we all love sharing it with others.

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