Why Your Chapter Should Have a DECA Day

What is DECA Day?

DECA Day is a tradition at Stewarts Creek High School that typically takes place during the first few weeks of school. It is designed to promote DECA and recruit members to join the organization.

We normally present to a minimum of three classes per period lasting about 15 minutes each.

Our main goal is to introduce DECA to new students and persuade students to join DECA.

What Do We Talk About?

To start off, we play the DECA Inc. membership video to set the tone of the presentation. We talk about different chapter events that we are planning, what the Tennessee Career Development Conference is like, the #DECAICDC experience, and when our next chapter meeting is.

Chapter officers and current members give the presentation so that future members get a wide variety of personal views on how the organization has impacted members’ lives and experiences through their journey. It also keeps students engaged by listening to fellow students their own age instead of teacher/advisor.

Who Participates in DECA Day?

Anyone in a business or marketing class at Stewarts Creek High School participates in DECA Day. We typically go to introductory and freshmen level business and marketing classes, such as Marketing I. This is to engage students at the beginning of their pathway and recruit them into DECA early in high school. The chapter officers and current members plan and present to marketing students.

If your DECA chapter is looking for new ways to recruitment members this back-to-school season, consider creating a DECA Day for your school!

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