What I Learned from Meeting a CEO

Like most of us in DECA, business is my absolute passion. It's my favorite thing in the whole world to study and learn about, and I literally cannot wait to someday be a part of the industy.

The prospect of holding a high-powered job, dressing in business attire every day, and earning lots of respect and power is thrilling.

That's why when I got the opportunity to meet the CEO of a software firm in NYC through my summer internship, I was beside myself with excitement! How was I going to act? How was I going to dress? How would I make the perfect first impression?

I wanted to come off as the most mature, professional version of myself. However, one meeting changed my entire perspective completely.

That hot Tuesday morning, my fellow interns and I headed to the office of Ceros, a web design company, to meet with their CEO Simon Berg. Upon entering the office, I was wowed. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before – colorful, vibrant, buzzing with creativity.

Mr. Berg met us dressed in shorts and a button-down. In their conference room, he showed us what Ceros really stood for, demonstrating for us the incredible, cutting-edge platform they created.

He was friendly and brilliant at telling stories, like how one of their employees had gotten a deal with a client by giving a presentation dressed in a chicken suit! However, one thing Mr. Berg said stood out to me the most was, “Take what you do seriously, but don't take yourself seriously.”

That made me think. Throughout life, we’re always told to take ourselves seriously. Our goals are always self-oriented – how do we earn the highest salary, snag the largest position, be the best? Simon Berg made me realize it's not about that at all.

It's about what you can create and put out into the world. In the case of Ceros, their work speaks for itself. The company is vastly successful, however, Berg didn’t seem to take himself too seriously at all. He and all of the employees are wholeheartedly focused on what they can create and the work they do, which seems like a far better work environment.

I learned a lot in that meeting and realized that instead of having a high-powered job and earning a lot of respect, I actually wanted to create something memorable and remarkable, and put my all into my work.

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