The 3 Best Recruitment Spots on Campus

As summer vacation wraps up and school starts for many of DECA members, it’s time to start thinking about recruiting some new students for your chapter!

Whether it be wide-eyed freshmen or that guy that sits behind you in Spanish class, now is the time to start bringing in some new faces to boost your chapter numbers.

We compiled a list of the top three places around your campus to find some great new recruits.

1. Registration

Registration is a great place to find new members because the school year hasn’t started yet and people are excited to get their books, find their classes, and meet up with old friends. Our school lets all clubs and sports set up presentation tables in one of our gyms, so students can sign up for everything they want to do in one place. However, even if your school doesn’t have something like that, set up a small table near the front doors or pass out flyers to students waiting in line, all to get the word out about how awesome DECA is! 

2. Sporting Events

Now, before you ask, let me explain. Fall sports like swimming, volleyball, and especially football usually have a good sized turnout of fans. Plus, everyone is already pumped up and excited, so why not use that to your advantage? Walk through the stands or bleachers and put DECA out there, telling people all the epic things they could be doing if they were in it! You could even have a raffle prize to take with you to use as an incentive to share with them all the great things about DECA! 

3. Other Clubs

Think about it. Students in other clubs are already involved and want to be more involved in school, so why not recruit them to be in DECA? I am a member of Student Council, National Honor Society, and LINK Crew, along with DECA, and I have pulled many a new member from those other clubs. The students in other clubs are usually smart, outgoing, positive leaders on your campus – exactly what you want as part of your chapter!

So, there you have it, the top three hotspots on your campus to recruit new members. Sure, there’s many more awesome places to find new people, but these three are sure to boost your membership and help you and your chapter #OwnYourFuture this year!

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