4 Ways to Solidify Your Chapter’s Program of Work

As the school year is coming back into cycle, now is a good time to start thinking about how you want your DECA chapter’s year to pan out and what you want to accomplish before next spring.

The best way to lead your chapter is with a tool that can act as a guideline, and that will highlight what this year in DECA will be all about – a Program of Leadership.

Here are the top four ways to solidify your Program of Leadership.

1. Think of the big picture.

Before you do anything else, you have to ask yourself, “What goals do I want the chapter to accomplish that we haven’t accomplished before?” Goal-setting is a very important part of developing your program of leadership and every chapter will have different goals! Some chapters may want to focus on membership, others may want to work on competition; it’s okay to have multiple end goals as long as you thing that they can be accomplished, which leads into…

2. Finding ways to accomplish your POL.

There’s nothing worse than having all your goals laid out in front of you without any way to achieve the goal you have in mind. Under each of your goals, write down any and all of the ideas that you may have to accomplish the objective that you have set. It doesn’t matter if you think they’re too small or too large to accomplish; you may be able to combine your activities as you list them all out for the different results you want to see.

3. Think about what the members want.

At the end of the day, the things you have planned out for the year have to be things that your members can enjoy! After all, the higher the participation will be from your chapter members, the more effective and fun the year can be for you! So as you finalize the events and plans for the year, be sure to include the things that your chapter will enjoy and find use in to have a successful year.

4. Organize your ideas.

Once everything has been approved, finalized, and before you’re ready to go out and accomplish the tasks set at hand, organize all that you have created to give to your membership. It’s nice for the members to know exactly what is expected of them and what opportunities they have to own their own futures this year! This can be done in just a simple document or be blown up into a full presentation where members understand where this year is headed.

Programs of Leadership are an excellent tool to keep yourself on track and ready for the school year. DECA does prepare emerging leaders, after all, and this plan will definitely help all of your members own their future this year!

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