Why Your Chapter Needs a DECA Direct Online Social Media Correspondent

Did you know that DECA members have the unique opportunity to contribute content to DECA Direct Online by becoming an official Social Media Correspondent?

The position requires only two simple components: writing one short article similar to a blog post each month and promoting DECA on your personal social media pages. Since you’re already retweeting and sharing DECA’s awesome posts anyway, this job couldn’t be more perfect for you, or easy! 

Anyone can sign up here, and after submitting a brief form, you’ll be ready to start your journey as an official DECA Inc. Social Media Correspondent!

But how does being a social media correspondent benefit your chapter?

Well, by having a DECA Direct Social Media Correspondent, chapters can share their unique practices and experiences, while also getting recognition for their knowledge and successes. Wouldn’t it be great to finally shine a spotlight on your chapter’s accomplishments that can be seen by over 220,000 DECA Direct online readers?

Collaboration across DECA’s high school division will also be promoted as articles written by correspondents will be accessible to members around the world. This gives you an incredible opportunity to help inspire chapters across the country with your chapter’s great fundraising ideas, or competitive event preparation best practices.

Additionally, this is a terrific avenue to spotlight your most outstanding chapter members! Did one of your chapter members take home the gold at #DECAICDC 2016? Did a former member just land their dream job thanks to their DECA experience? Interview these members on their best tips for success and share it with all of DECA!

Signing up as a Social Media Correspondent is the best way to give your chapter free publicity to the entire DECA world – that’s over 220,000 members!

Will you #OwnYourFuture and sign up as a Social Media Correspondent today?

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