No More Boring Chapter Meetings!

Who doesn’t love getting together with their chapter, having fun, and sharing Collegiate DECA news and announcements together?

Meeting together as a chapter is a great opportunity to connect members and organize your efforts, and even better when you can meet in an awesome place!

Some creative chapter meeting places and ideas to do at meetings are:

Meet in the Park

After being in classrooms all day, holding a chapter meeting outside will be a refreshing break from the indoors! Make it a picnic and encourage members to bring their favorite snacks, because let’s be real, all Collegiate DECA members love food. 

Chapter BINGO

To practice for upcoming competitions, have a BINGO night! Fill a BINGO board with difference answers to a list of questions. Then, everyone must answer the question, and put a marker down on the square that contains that answer on their BINGO board. The first person to get BINGO and has answered all the questions right wins! Keep playing a few rounds to see who is the ultimate Collegiate DECA champion.

Formal Meeting

Collegiate DECA is all about getting ready for the real world, so why not have a meeting mirrored after a real board meeting? Make the dress code business casual or formal, and see if you can reserve a conference or formal meeting room on your campus. When your members are dressed for success and in a professional setting, you’ll feel much more inclined to get to work and have a productive meeting. Plus, this makes for a great photo opportunity!

Ice Cream Social Meeting

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Although ice cream costs money, if every member pitched in $5, you can easily get all the necessary fixing for a delicious ice cream sundae bar. If new members are attending your meeting, ice cream is a way for people to interact, be comfortable with one another, and make them come back!

Volunteer Meeting

Volunteering at charitable organizations is a great way to work together as a team and give back to your community. Whether it be a food pantry, clothing drive, walks for cancer or any other cause, it will bring your members together to give back to the community. Giving back is very important, and being able to participate with your fellow members will make you all a stronger team. 

These are only a few creative ideas for chapter meetings or activities, but we would love to hear what you all do in your own chapter! Please share pictures and ideas on our Facebook page at 2016-2017 Collegiate DECA Executive Officers.

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