New Tech Tools to Communicate with Your Whole Chapter

Communication is by far the most important element when it comes to keeping a chapter connected. If done well, it can strengthen the chapter by helping members understand goals, priorities, and provide information to involve members actively.

Choosing the right platform to provide this communication is the key to having a great year and becoming a great chapter. Having the ability to provide to provide information quickly and effectively can be the difference between an epic or normal year.

Below are four platforms, some familiar and some new, that may help your chapter #OwnYourFuture this year.


Save time by sending one-way announcements or chatting with members quickly. It is safe for students, and teachers, since it it keeps phone numbers private. Furthermore, signing up for it takes mere seconds and organizing your contacts is easy. The plus to all this, it’s free.

Group Me

GroupMe is a free group messaging app, which works cross-devices. You can use it on your phone, your laptop or your tablet.  Have one big group chat, or split it up into different committees. Stay organized and be able to share information quickly.


Create a community on Google+ and use it as your main page for your chapter. From posting updates, to sharing documents, Google+ can be utilized as a central network for your chapter and improve communication, as well as communication.


Wiggio is an online computer application, designed to help you work in groups and accomplish your goals. With features including shared calendars, to-do lists, polls, emails, texts, voice messages, and file sharing, this application can quickly create an effective communication network for your chapter.

These four a few of the many options out there to create a communication network with your chapter members out there. Feel free to share some of the awesome applications you are using these days.

Now it’s almost time for school again. Go out there and #OwnYourFuture!

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