Debunking 5 Common Chapter Campaign Myths

The academic school year is starting up, which means it’s time to get the DECA show on the road!

One of the many ways you can help your chapter get ahead and be more successful than ever is by completing DECA’s Chapter Campaigns.

DECA’s five Chapter Campaigns are full of objectives every chapter should accomplish during their year, but there have been myths that stop some chapters from racing through these campaigns, so let’s bust them!

Myth #1: “It’s too hard to get 20 more members, 20 alumni, and 20 professionals all in the same year for the Membership Campaign.”

You only need to complete two out of the three requirements to meet the criteria for the Thrive Level! Often times, it may seem difficult to get 20 professional members, but a professional member could be anyone! A former teacher, your parent, your boss; anyone that is interested in helping out with DECA but may not have been involved during high school or college. 

Myth #2: “Three Idea Challenge entries for the Global Entrepreneurship Week Campaign? I’m out, that’s WAY too much.”

Don’t let the fact that you need to submit three entries scare you! In fact, this can be a much more interesting way to spice up GEW. Split your chapter up into three teams and have some inter-chapter competition by seeing which team comes up with the best idea and give them some kind of incentive! This will teach your chapter members to be more innovative altogether but help finish the campaign up!

Myth #3: “It’s impossible to involve 75% of your membership for the Community Service Campaign.”

Involving 75% of your membership in an event may seem hard if you have a bigger chapter, but it is a doable task without a doubt! For example, encouraging members to write letters to our troops is something that doesn’t take up very much time nor does it require everyone to be in the same place at the same time. This activity is one that will be appreciated in a big way, but will still be achievable for the community service campaign! If you have a larger chapter, think of ideas that don’t require everyone to be in the same place at once as schedules can often conflict.

Myth #4: “There’s no way my chapter has time to do all three of the campaigns during DECA Month. We have too much going on so we’ll just skip through those.”

November can be a very busy month for your chapter with regional conferences, DECA Month, Global Entrepreneurship Week and the Chapter Campaign deadlines approaching, but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on completing these campaigns! You can earn the achievement level by just completing one of the three campaigns, for which you will earn a pennant and certificate or complete two of them and earn a pennant, a certificate, and two spots to the THRIVE Academy at the 2017 International Career Development Conference for your chapter!

Myth #5: “I don’t know how to contact my public policy makers so I’m going to skip right over the Advocacy Campaign.”

Contacting your policy makers doesn’t have to be some super elaborate meeting. It can just be a simple letter that you can send out to your representatives advocating for the support of Career and Technical Education and Career and Technical Student Organizations, like DECA! You can find contact information for your senators by clicking here and your congressional representatives by clicking here.

With these myths busted, you can easily go about completing DECA’s Chapter Campaigns this year, earn you spots to the THRIVE Academy and push your chapter even farther so you too can #OwnYourFuture!

For more information on chapter campaigns, click here.

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