5 Ways to Start Fundraising This Fall

As we gear up for the fall, one of the areas that most of our chapters have to consider is fundraising.

There are many ways to get started in this process, but here are five reliable ways to fundraise for your chapters.

First, look into sponsorships from businesses and individuals in your communities. This method is all some chapters do and they raise tens of thousands of dollars each year. Divide up the responsibility for going out to these businesses amongst the chapter members, and be sure to give potential sponsors a packet with information on why they should support you. Then, it is crucial that your chapter members follow up with phone calls or face-to-face meetings to help seal the deal.

You can also utilize DECA’s partnerships with companies like Krispy Kreme, that has a fundraising opportunity by selling their donuts at school, to family and friends, or in the community. The process is very simple with no preparation, set up, or mess.  Simply pick up the donuts and sell them. Check out more opportunities at deca.org/partners.

In the early fall there is still time to do car washes. The materials are low in cost and it is easy to get a business to allow you to have your car wash. This is a win-win proposition as you get their space and water while you bring in customers for them at the same time.

Another option is to do a yard sale fundraiser. These are great when there really isn’t a budget to get a fundraiser started, because they are a no cost fundraiser. Simply get all of the chapter’s members to put out to their social networks that you are collecting donations for a yard sale to benefit the chapter. As they say, location is everything, so find a spot known for yard sales to increase traffic at your sale.

Lastly, there are companies out there who sell discount cards, often buy one get one free, for use at their businesses like Jamba Juice or Domino’s Pizza. The chapter pays a small fee to buy the cards and then sells them for a set price usually $10. Every member in the chapter is asked to sell a certain amount of these cards to raise the funds needed.

There are many ways to fundraise for your chapter but these are several that have a proven track record of success with other chapters. In fundraising, making use of your resources is always a key to success.

If you are in an association, ask other chapters in your association what has worked for them, because then you can get a local perspective on what is working.

Good luck in all of your fundraising efforts!

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