4 Ways to Get Your #DECASBE Trending This Year

Why is that many of us stop at Starbucks for our morning coffee run, rather than the local café up the road? What makes us gravitate toward the Apple brand over its competitors?

I’ll tell you, it has a ton to do with exposure.

As #SummerOfDECA comes to a close, not only does that mean the start of a brand new school year, but countless School-based Enterprises opening back up for business!

It’s imperative that your School-based Enterprise is strongly promoted this year, so that it gets the publicity and exposure is so rightfully deserves.

Here are my top four tips to assist you in getting your #DECASBE trending:

1. Get Social

Having a strong social media presence is an efficient way to build your SBE’s reputation and showcase your products and sales. By regularly updating your followers on all the brand new products and happenings in your SBE, you make for a more informed audience – that being students, staff, and parents.

If your SBE is new to the world of social media, start by choosing a single platform that most students in your school use most regularly. After that, start producing content! Create a social media campaign, encourage students to interact with the account, find creative ways to connect with your core audience.  

2. Get Involved 

In recent years, DECA has created some fantastic and interactive avenues to showcase all that goes into these entrepreneurial operations. Last year was the introduction of the first ever DECA SBE Week, and this year get ready for a bigger and better #DECASBEWeek! From October 3-5, 2016, DECA is encouraging SBEs across the country to share photos each day that correspondent to a daily theme.

By participating in the DECA SBE Week, members and advisors from around the world will be able to see what makes your SBE amazing! Plus, this is a great chance to get inspiration for your own SBE, whether it’s promotional activities, t-shirt ideas, display cases or fun events!

Be on the lookout for more information on #DECASBEWeek 2016 on www.decadirect.org soon!

3. Get Creative

Chances are if you’re a marketing student, you have a niche for creativity. After all, marketing is about promoting and selling products and services. Get your SBE team together and think about some marketing and promotional strategies that you can employ this fall.

Maybe this year, you’re looking to implement a rewards program, or potentially a sweepstakes of sorts. Has your SBE ever tried a flash sale, where products and merchandise are marked down for only a short period of time? How do you announce new inventory? Consider creating ads to go up around your school, make an entertaining video or commercial to broadcast during lunch or passing time.

Executing exciting promotions are a definite way to get students shopping and spreading the word about your SBE.

4. Get Certified

The SBE Certification Program process provides an opportunity for members to analyze their business, determine their SBE’s strengths and weaknesses, and showcase the hard work of their student managers and employees.

DECA offers SBE certification on two levels: Chapter Level through a written project and Individual Level through a comprehensive exam. Earning a chapter or individual certification garners international recognition, provides credibility, validates curriculum efficacy and strengthens the relevancy of the SBE as a valuable teaching tool.

Participating in SBE certification is an effective way of preparing students for DECA competitive events and future higher learning and careers. The 2016-2017 project guidelines for Certification and Re-certification are now available online at www.deca.org/sbe.

With these helpful tips, your #DECASBE will be in store for a remarkable year!

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