4 Tips to Recruit Members Through Social Media

It’s that time of year again! Time to expand your chapters and associations by recruiting more members.

Whether your plan is to hang posters, have announcements, or even attract members by offering free donuts at your first meeting, many of you have probably thought of some ways to recruit members. One other great technique to attract members to join DECA is through social media!

Social media can be an easy, unique way to recruit members. With social media, you are able to reach a huge audience and showcase what DECA is all about more thoroughly than what a poster can.

Here are four tips that will help your team recruit members through social media.

Tip #1: Be Everywhere

My first tip is to be everywhere. Start social media accounts for your chapter or association on all platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Pinterest, and Tumblr. Try to be on as many platforms as possible so you can reach as many students as you can.

In addition to being on all platforms make sure you are consistently posting. Using the program Hootsuite allows you to manage your social media and schedule posts in order to be more consistent. Also, having hashtags such as #TipTuesday or #StudyUpSunday or #MotivationalMonday gives you something to post about on those days and also keeps your team on a consistent schedule.

On top of those hashtags, creating your own hashtags allows you to engage members. For the beginning of the school year, using things such as #Fall4DECA or #JoinDECA, allows members to have a hashtag to post with when they are sharing their own content. Finally, share everything! Any events you are doing for the start of school and content you have from previous conferences share all of it, you don’t know what content will inspire someone to join DECA.

Tip #2: Show Success 

The next tip is to try to showcase other people’s success on your social media accounts. If you showcase some of your current members’ success stories or alumni success stories, it can help students see the benefits of joining DECA. Showcasing others’ successes goes along with this year’s theme, Own Your Future, as you are showing how other members owned their futures through DECA.

Use this year’s hashtag #OwnYourFuture when sharing these types of stories. Having members or alumni talk about their experiences and success is a great way to show students what they can accomplish through DECA.

Tip #3: Think Differently

Next, try to make your social media stand out by being unique. There is always social media trends that are happening all the time. As a chapter or association aligning with social media trends, such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or planking, can help gain member's interest.

Many teams also choose to do recruitment videos to popular songs with creative dances and lyrics that correspond with DECA. These types of activities are fun and also attract a lot of student attention. Finally, another great tool is vlogs. Creating vlogs with your team is a great way to give personal insight into what really happens when you are a DECA member.

Tip #4: Create Hype

My last tip is to create as much excitement as you can through your social media accounts. Hold social media challenges where students can win various prizes. You will not only engage current members, but you also create buzz and excitement about DECA for potential members too.

On top of social media contests, you can direct people to your chapter’s social media pages. By telling members or other students that if they follow all your accounts, they have a chance to win prizes, creates great conversations about DECA. These conversations may start off about how to win prizes, but it will also trigger more discussions about the DECA program and will help you when trying to recruit members. Finally, if you share content from previous events such as ICDC or the new DECA Inc. membership video, it will create excitement because students will see the opportunities that DECA members have.

I hope that these four tips help you and your team #OwnYourFuture as you look to expand your chapters and your associations this fall.

Continue to work on your social media presence and remember to start sharing now!

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