10 Signs that #SummerOfDECA is Coming to a Close

Talk to any DECA member or DECA advisor after the culmination of #DECAICDC and chances are you might hear them talking about how excited they are for summer, or more specifically #SummerofDECA.

Of course, after a while the sunny, unscheduled, carefree days of summer start to get old. Although we might dabble a bit in DECA when school isn’t in session, it truly isn’t the same as the lively DECA calendar we participate in throughout the school year.

As a relatively new DECA advisor, I am definitely getting the itch to get back into the swing of the DECA year and to start up with my new DECA chapter, @DECAHolmen, so that we can #OwnYourFuture.

Here are my top 10 signs that the #SummerOfDECA is winding down:

1. You begin counting down the days until the DECA Guide is released and subsequently read it from cover to cover in one sitting.

Good news! It’s here! The DECA Guide is the best resource in helping your chapter plan your year in DECA to #OwnYourFuture.

2. You stalk all of @DECAInc’s social media platforms for the announcement of the 2016-2017 DECA Membership video and then obsessively show it to everyone you know.

Take a look for yourself at this year’s video to see how DECA has impacted six DECA members from across the country.

3. You compulsively buy and customize school supplies that will be perfect for organizing your DECA life.

Anything blue, white, gold, or silver will do, then just plaster DECA diamonds, #OwnYourFuture, and anything related to DECA all over it, and you’re good to go! Or check out shopdeca.org for the coolest DECA gear from DECA Images.

4. Much of your time is spent brainstorming new events, initiatives, and ideas for your DECA chapter to implement for the upcoming year.

Let’s face it, your DECA brain is always running whether you’re sleeping, eating, or exercising.

5. Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat posts somehow all relating to DECA in some way to fill the void in your life.

It might not have even been #TBT but you’re probably posting flashbacks from ICDC, promoting for the upcoming year, using the #SummerOfDECA hashtag, or even just wearing a DECA t-shirt in most of your posts.

6. You find yourself missing the experiences you had with your chapter at summer retreats, trainings, or hangouts and are unable to control the anticipation you have of continuing the fun and planning in the fall.

Whether it was a association hosted DECA training, like @WI_DECA’s Chapter Opportunity Workshop (COW), or just a local chapter officer retreat like my chapter, @DECAHolmen, did at a cabin up north, lots of plans, bonds, and ideas are formed in summer and they are just waiting to be executed on come fall.

7. When you see a school supply ad or displays in stores, it only makes you excited because you know DECA will be returning soon.

While dreading the whole “back-to-school” idea, and assessing each display and ad for effectiveness related to marketing you realize that you are comforted just a little by the fact that back-to-school also means back-to-DECA!

8. If you’re a senior, you’ve probably already had your senior pictures taken in your DECA blazer and you’re already sharing them for #SeniorPicSunday.

With potentially four years of DECA on your belt, this organization has become a staple in your life, of course you’re going to flaunt it in your senior pictures!

9. You take full advantage of the @DECA_Images Summer Sale.

Check it out for yourself at here! There are so many great deals on awesome DECA apparel and swag. If you need any justification for your massive purchases, just think of it as “Back to School Clothes Shopping” because let’s be honest, you wear DECA pretty much every day to school.

10. You find yourself taking your DECA advisor’s advice and preparing for competition (gasp!).

Who knew you would be studying in the summer? But here you are, looking at and studying performance indicators, reading up on the new topics for the written events, taking practice cluster exams and preparing for competition. Lots of resources here.

I hope you’re just as excited as I am to start a brand new DECA year and prepare for #OwnYourFuture!

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