5 Unique Fundraising Ideas for the #SummerofDECA

The summer time is a great time to fundraise for your DECA chapter! The weather is great, you have tons of free time to plan and organize your event, and all your friends will be available to attend.

Here are five unique fundraising events you can host during summer break:

1. Participate in an Ace Hardware Cookout

Ace Hardware provides a grill and hot dogs for a group to sell for profit. This way, your chapter doesn’t have to buy anything (unless you also want to sell soda and chips which you have to buy yourself) and can make up to $300 in a couple of hours!

2. Organize a Business Camp for Kids

This is not only a great way to get kids potentially interested in DECA and business, but also raise money for your chapter and prep for competition while doing it! You can organize a week camp at your school where each day, your chapter can focus on a specific business topic and plan activities related to that topic. For example, if on the second day of camp your chapter decides to focus on marketing, you can go over what marketing is and have the kids participate in a marketing challenge.

3. Plan an Outdoor Movie Night

Find a place where you can set up a big screen and charge people a flat rate of $2 per movie. You can also sell snacks, such as drinks and food such as popcorn and candy! Tip: Pick a popular movie that is appropriate for all audiences so you have more people in attendance.

4. Work at a Local Farmer’s Market Booth

Reach out to your local farmer’s market to sell goods, raffle tickets, buttons, stickers, anything of the sorts. Make sure your audience realizes that the money is benefitting a business organization for teens.

5. Organize a Swim-A-Thon

Talk to your local YMCA about hosting a Swim-A-Thon, where your organization gets a certain percentage of the profits and the YMCA gets the rest. Charge your customers a flat fee for registration such as $15. The YMCA can take $10 a person, while your DECA chapter can take $5 a person. The winner of the event can get a gift card. 

Be sure to share a photo of your summertime fundraising event on Twitter or Instagram using #SummerofDECA!

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