Collegiate DECA Leadership Passport Program 101

I hope everyone has enjoyed their #SummerofDECA so far, and as we are all beginning to prepare for a new school year to start up, it’s time to talk about the Collegiate DECA Leadership Passport Program.

This program is a great way to help members become more well-rounded individuals and drive your chapter forward in this new academic year.

The Passport Program can be used effectively in three ways:

1. It is a great tool to plan chapter activities for the coming year.

Aspects of a Collegiate DECA chapter stretch from community service to academic preparation. Using the Passport Program requirements to plan chapter activities ensures that members are experiencing all that Collegiate DECA has to offer. Community service hours are one requirement, so your chapter can plan a service activity on or near your campus. Having a committee create a DECA workshop or develop a marketing piece for a chapter event are some other possible options. Plus, if you encourage your members to work for the Academic Honor Award, they will have a prestigious academic recognition to put on their resume. The Passport Program requirements are also a great tool to create your chapter Program of Work.

2. It engages members in the early part of the academic year before competition season.

As we get closer to competition season, it is much easier to get members engaged in Collegiate DECA. Creating committees and activities at the beginning of the semester involves members and gives them an investment into the chapter right away. Help members feel involved in a team right from the beginning, and they stay involved their entire academic career – and often beyond! The first thing my chapter did when I joined was inform me about the Passport Program, and it gave me an opportunity to get involved with planning a fundraiser the third week into our semester. It was the motivation I needed to get me started, and I’ve been going strong ever since.

3. It is a perfect way to involve members not interested in competing.

Often there are members who are simply not interested in the competitive side of Collegiate DECA, so the Passport Program provides a perfect way for those members to stay involved in the chapter during the times of intense competition. Rather than separating the competitors from the non-competitors, this brings everyone together in a common goal. The Passport Program is developed to cultivate versatile individuals with a diversity of skills and accomplishments.

If we follow this plan to implement the Passport Program in our chapters and every one of our members, we will see members blossom into even more prepared business professionals.

Also DECA will expand and spread the amazing Collegiate DECA message to even more people in your community and on your campus. You can definitely #OwnYourFuture this year by making the Collegiate DECA Leadership Passport Program a cornerstone of your chapter!

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