#SummerofDECA Goes to the U.S. Department of Education

In July, part of the 2016-2017 DECA Executive Officer Team had an exciting opportunity to meet with officials at the U.S. Department of Education.

Three executive officers from DECA's high school division and one Collegiate DECA executive officer had a chance to express their opinions on the benefits of DECA and Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) in general in Washington, D.C.

Uniquely, this visit was both for DECA advocacy and to have an in-depth conversation with some of the nation's leaders in education.

Some topics of discussion included the officers' DECA stories, the types of Career & Technical Education campuses, and the influence of CTSOs on different types of students.

New trends in education and CTSOs were also discussed. For example, officers were especially intrigued by Makerspaces, which are creative spaces that make tools and technologies available to facilitate and promote invention. DECA has recently begun exploring Makerspaces by participating in the CTE Makeover Challenge, launched by the Department of Education.

Throughout the conversation, the officers stressed the universal benefit of DECA to students due to the versatility of opportunities provided for career advancement and professional development. While students could potentially find career opportunities through DECA during high school, the organization also provides means to make higher education accessible through scholarships and college representatives at various conferences.

All the officers present at this advocacy visit were thrilled to have had their voices heard at the national level, and are grateful for the Department of Education's invested interest in students and CTSOs.

Ultimately, advocacy isn't just on a national level. Individual chapters can get involved with both political advocacy and DECA's annual Advocacy Campaign.

Own Your Future this year by getting active with your local government today!

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