How Do Boston University Hospitality Students Spend Their Summer?

Summer break is a coveted time for any college student.

Beach vacations, relaxing time by the pool with friends, family reunions, and time to take a breather from a full-time course-load. Despite the three-months of vacation, School of Hospitality Administration (SHA) students don’t waste one second of it. In between their downtime, SHA students are utilizing the summer to gain valuable experience in the hospitality industry.

This summer, 88% of SHA students are completing an internship or holding a job in the hospitality industry. Some students take advantage of the hotels, restaurants, and event spaces in their hometowns while others are traveling to new cities and countries like India to complete an internship.

In order to graduate, SHA students are required to complete (2) 400-hour hospitality work experiences and one international experience. Students graduate from the program with a full, well-rounded resume and experience in a global industry.

DECA students who are interested in the hospitality field can get a head start by checking out part-time jobs at local convention centers, caterers and event planners, restaurants, or hotels. Also, you can keep up with the latest hospitality news by following a few of our favorite industry resources.  

Check out the infographic below to see how and where SHA students are spending their summer (click image to see full size)!

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