4 Ways to Prepare for an Awesome Upcoming DECA Year During the Summer

If you’re like me, you simply cannot wait for summertime! No school, nice weather and tons of fun await us.

But, no school doesn’t have to mean no DECA!

Here are four ways to prepare for the upcoming DECA year and make this #SummerofDECA the best one yet:

  1. Host some chapter meetings.

During these summertime meetings, you can plan out who is doing what events next year. Picking your project and/or role-play in advance allows for more preparation time. The Auburn Mountainview DECA chapter has already started having chapter meetings once a week for next year!

  1. Print out practice role-plays.

Click here to research performance indicators and print out practice role-plays and event test questions. Imagine how much more knowledge you could learn if you practiced even just once a week over the summer before getting back to school. By the time your regional conference is here, you’ll be prepared to rock the DECA competition!

  1. Plan an internship or job shadow.

After you pick out a project or role-play topic, try contacting a local business about setting up a meeting or job shadow pertaining to that topic. Doing a Fashion Merchandising Promotion Project (FMPP) next year? Meet with the General Manager of that store to learn more about their company! Preparing for an Automotive Services Marketing Role Play (ASM)? How cool would a job shadow at a local car dealership be! The possibilities are endless.

  1. Take advantage of the Internet!

Along with starting a monthly newsletter that is passed out to each of our chapter members, my chapter works on creating a larger social media presence. Over the summer is the perfect time to create websites for chapter projects, social media accounts for your chapter (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.), and start building your project plans!

Here’s to a fantastic #SummerofDECA !

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