What’s the Best Workplace for You?

Ever dream of what it’s like to work at Google? Sliding down the slide or dining in one of the 17 gourmet cafes at the open office campus? (Join the club!)

Google’s legendary work environment nets resume submissions from some 2.5 million jobseekers a year. Here’s a dose of reality: the digital giant hires only about 0.2% of those candidates each year!

Okay, so setting that once-in-a-lifetime dream workplace environment aside, here are other considerations you might want to factor in as you begin formulating career plans.

First, are you interested in traditional working hours or are you such a night owl that an 8-5 job would pose a problem?  If so, there are plenty of careers that need 24-7 coverage, such as in the medical field, hospitals, I.T. jobs, and other service-oriented sectors like public safety, hospitality, and telecommunications.

Next, ask yourself, “Am I a desk job kind of person, or do I need to keep moving?” Do you enjoy communicating and interacting with people on a daily basis in your work? Or would you prefer to fly solo? Would you rather work in a job that is predictable and has set duties or have a job that is unpredictable and varies each day in its workload and demands and that requires you to multi-task?

There are many other questions you might pose to help you identify the workplace environment for which you may be most suited. Instead, we suggest you check out a job  matching site, such as IBM’s Career Decoder, or our very own Publix Jobs Match app.

After you spend a few minutes answering “would you rather” type questions, Publix’s will offer suggestions about career options/ job recommendations for you – at Publix, that is. Bear in mind, we employ individuals in some 10,000 different jobs, ranging from pilots to sous chefs, so there may well be a perfect fit for you among the apps’ suggestions.

Take the time to reflect on what kind of workplace in which you’d be most comfortable. And take a career quiz or two. Doing so may help lay out your entire future career path! But if not, at the very least, take the time to consider many different options for your next workplace environment.  

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