1, 2, 3, SBE! Tips & Tricks for a Successful SBE Presentation

With hundreds of students participating in the School Based Enterprise Academy at the 2016 DECA International Career Development Conference, energy exploded in the conference hall.

Students from across the nation networked and discussed their SBE in detail, while sharing unique ideas and dreams for the future.

To start the event, Mr. Sam Davidson, a speaker and entrepreneur, enthusiastically discussed how to take your SBE to the next level. His engaging demeanor sparked ideas in the minds of the competitors as they dreamed up BIG plans for their SBE.

In ONE EPIC academy, students encountered TWO key components to the conference; the academy and competitive presentation.

With the academy taking place on Sunday, competitors discussed potential ideas and dreams to grow their SBE. While engaging in helpful conversations with members from around the country, competitors were also able to scope out the competition for the next day.

The following day was filled with excitement as students prepared and practiced their presentations they worked so hard on. Energy filled the air in the competition hall as competitors eagerly lined up, awaiting to be called to present.

Nerves and anticipation floated around the room with competitors, creating light conversation to keep calm. After practicing one last time, competitors presented with their heart and soul and gave it their all. After presenting, competitors proudly received their ICDC Certificate of Achievement.

After speaking with competitors in the SBE Academy competition, I gather THREE helpful tips to making a great SBE presentation.

  1.  Make your presentation seem more like a conversation than a presentation. Judges don’t want to hear the exact same spiel from each group, so mix it up a little! You want to keep your presentation light and fresh.
  2. Fully utilize visual aids that engage the judges in your presentation. You want your visual aids to enhance the presentation, not take away from it. If you choose to create a slide deck, try not to use a majority of words because that distracts the judge from listening to you. Use clear, concise visuals that create a scene in the judge’s mind.
  3. Show your passion and enthusiasm for your project! The judges want to feel your love for your SBE.

The SBE Academy was an EPIC experience and I hope these tips will help you take your SBE presentation to the next level!

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