Quick Competition Tips to Help You Make the Stage

DECA’s International Career Development Conference is epitome of EPIC competition.

It means that you’ve overcome the challenges of district/regionals and state/provincials. It means you are part of the best of the best from each association.

Now is time to show the whole world how you can be an EPIC international champion and I promise there is nothing more adrenaline filled than being on the #DECAICDC stage!

Here are some tips and tricks from top competitors from all around the world on how you can differentiate yourself as an EPIC competitor:

"Judges look for confidence and creativity, while solving the problem and hand. Modern day, real world examples also help."
-Aislin Liu, California DECA

"Smile and make yourself memorable. Out of thousands of competitors, you want to make sure the judge remembers something special about you."
– Ann Chen, DECA Ontario

"If you are doing a team event, make sure you and your partner BOTH know the material inside and out to ensure equal speaking time."
– Angela Xu, California DECA

If you weren’t able to compete at #DECAICDC in Nashville, there’s always next year’s conference in Anaheim to strive for!

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