Becoming Better Business Leaders at the 2016 #DECAICDC SBE Academy

This year’s SBE Academy at DECA’s International Career Development Conference was nothing less than absolutely EPIC.

The academy started with a motivational speaker telling the story of how his business became successful. There were breaks where members at the tables were able to socialize with each other and discuss how they were making a difference in their schools and communities.

Following the breaks, we continued to hear the inspiring testimony from the academy's keynote speaker, Sam Davidson, the founder of Cool People Care. Mr. Davidson explained the necessities of maintaining good customer relations and how important being dedicated to our businesses is.

Operating a school-based enterprise is a very time-consuming and tedious process. Mr. Davidson stressed heavily, to all of DECA members running an SBE, that being dedicated to your business is important.

Mr. Davidson gave us some realistic examples, many of which involved funny anecdotes about his family members, to better explain his takeaway messages to attendees.

One example was about his daughter having to pick out a certain type of sprinkles for ice cream, except she had never heard or seen sprinkles before! This example taught us how to make better decisions when being confronted with choices we were unfamiliar with.

Through examples like these, as well as through socializing with other EPIC DECA members, the 2016 SBE academy truly helped and inspired all attendees to become better and more successful business leaders.      

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