Competition Tips Straight from #DECAICDC

I had the privilege of asking different competitors who have made it to DECA’s 2016 International Career Development Conference, what tips they would like to give to those who want to make it to #DECAICDC, or how to prepare to compete at ICDC.

From what I noticed, the competitors at ICDC had small but various differences in their performances compared to those at the district and association level.

First of all, #DECAICDC competitors were more prepared for whatever challenge they were about to be thrown into. Also, if they were not, they still had to play it off as if they knew it was coming.

The tests are also a major factor in placing for ICDC.  I learned that some schools mainly focus on the testing portion of competition, because they are something that if you practice and practice, you will eventually see the same kind of questions the learn the basic information the tests will be based on.

I asked Anthony Soto, a two time #DECAICDC qualifier, for his top five tips:

  1. Don’t be discouraged by other people in your event. Everyone is on an equal playing field.
  2. Study different terms you may not know. Quizlet is a great tool!
  3. Be confident, even if you think you are wrong or not sure. Sounding confident will make a better appearance than looking lost.
  4. Research different scenarios your event may have; all the possible ones are on the DECA website! Search and study ones you have trouble with.
  5. Finally, study the test day by day. Take five questions a day and study why that is correct, little by little. Steady wins the race!

With these #DECAICDC competition tips in mind, you’ll be ready for Anaheim in no time!

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