Competition Tips from ICDC Finalists to Help You at #DECAICDC 2017!

This year #DECAICDC had some EPIC competitors from all around the world fighting for the coveted title of “International Champion.”

These DECA-cated DECA members spent hours studying and practicing for their events so they could find themselves on the #DECAICDC stage in Nashville.

Straight from the competitors themselves, here are some tips to help you place at next year’s ICDC in Anaheim:

  1. You Can Never Over Prepare
    Ellie Socher | Virginia | Event: EIB
    “Preparation is a crucial part of any competitive event. It can mean anything from studying for a test to practicing a presentation. And its not possible to over prepare; you would rather know too much about a topic than come up short.”
  2. You Have to Stay Confident
    Rom Profesorsky | North Carolina | Event: CSP
    “Confidence is the thing that will carry you through your entire event. Even if you’re not sure of something, fake it.”
  3. Small Things Matter
    Mary Carter | Virginia | Event: BMOR
    “Something as small as thanking the judge can put you over the top.”
  4. Speak Clearly
    Jamal El-Hindi | Oregon | Event: STDM
    “There’s no way a judge can do their job if they don’t know what you’re saying. It’s always good to speak clearly and confidently.”
  5. Intimidate the Judges
    Alex Thill | Kansas | Event: AAM
    “I’m not saying scare the judges. The real goal is to make them think you’re the smartest one in the room. Intimidate them by showing them how much you know.”
  6. Get Creative
    Jill Cash | Rhode Island | Event: AAM
    “I think that one of the most important things in a competition like this is to have your judge remember you. Being creative can have that effect.”

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