Words of Wisdom for DECA Members from #DECAICDC ASPIRE Academy

One of the best things about the 2016 DECA International Career Development Conference in Nashville, Tenn., is all the amazing people you get to meet.

During the Aspire Academy, part of DECA’s Emerging Leader Series, attendees were pleased to hear from many mentors to help us transition into life after high school.

These mentors came from all over the world and from many differing careers. From an Army ranger to a hotel general manager to a chiropractor, they all came with one purpose – to inspire and educate us.

One mentor in particular Mark Giovetti, the general manager of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Convention Center and he left this thought for us and everyone else in DECA as well: “You are all set up for success, proven by your involvement in DECA and everything it has to offer.  The next chapter of your life [college] will be eye opening in so many ways.”

“Be flexible, take full advantage of leadership opportunities no matter what they may be, build your network, and know there will be some pitfalls along the way, but learn from them. Take risks even if it doesn’t feel right, as you will always walk away stronger in the end,” Mr. Giovetti advised.

The overall theme was it is okay to not know what you want to do right away. It’s okay to change your mind. Just don’t settle and don’t get comfortable with where you are now –  aspire for greatness.

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