How to Make the Judges Remember You

When packing for the International Career Development Conference in Nashville, Tenn., there's always the stress of having to choose the perfect outfit for the judges. We all know we need to be modest, but we also need to stand out to make the judges remember who we are.

There are many ways to dress to impress, whether it be by wearing a bright professional dress or an oddly patterned tie.

For the ladies, there’s always the classy office look that includes a dress blouse that is usually pastel colored, matched with a blazer or cardigan, and slacks or a pencil skirt. Although these are classy, they are also basic. To stand out, the option of a bright dress that is simply decorated is best because the brightness will stick in the mind of everyone who sees you.

Although bright dresses are great, do not go overboard and completely decorate yourself in bright colors; this could be distracting and make the impression that you are not serious about the competition.

Guys cannot make an impression as easily as the girls because they have to wear dark slacks. The only ways for guys to make a true impression is to wear shirts that are different from the competition in a way that stands out. The guys can wear patterns, but not patterns that are too odd; this could appear as unprofessional. The pattern should contain either a dark or neutral color, and the pattern should be simple, but not a pattern seen every day.

The judges will remember you and how you present yourself. Make sure to be confident and hold yourself high because the best thing you can wear is yourself.

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