#DECAICDC Opening Ceremony: An EPIC Experience

Opening session this year was nothing less than DECA EPIC.

The environment was absolutely amazing. Members walked into the building and were greeted by the sounds of popular songs from all times played by a band located at one end of the arena. The lights were flashing and the energy of our epic DECA members lit up the entire arena.

The ceremony started out with tweets and Instagram posts on display in the center of the arena; perfect for networking. Shortly after that, the FIDM Fashion Show showcased students’ EPIC designs, and tied in perfectly with members in fashion marketing classes.

Former American Idol runner-up, Lauren Alaina, sang a lot of cover songs and her own songs too, to entertain her audience, including Bang Bang and Road Less Traveled. It was clear that the audience loved Lauren and appreciated her amazing voice.

Additionally, keynote speakers from Marriott International motivational stories and even noted that they did not even know their current career existed when choosing their college major, giving hope to those in the audience who still don’t know how to answers the questions, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Overall, the Opening Ceremony was nothing less than EPIC and gave DECA members the motivation to succeed in competitions later this week!

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