DECA 5K Gives #DECAICDC Attendees an EPIC Sense of Purpose

DECA’s International Career Development Conference is known as a good time for students, advisors, and all staff. From visiting theme parks in Orlando, to discovering the iconic aquarium in Atlanta and even walking the streets of Nashville, there never ceases to be great entertainment and educational tours.

However, throughout all these cities that receive 18,000 DECA members each April for #DECAICDC, the one thing that continues to kick off the conference is the DECA 5K Walk/Run.

For many years, DECA has worked alongside the Muscular Dystrophy Association to use the 5K as a fundraiser for the MDA, as well as DECA’s Scholarship Program.

This year in Nashville, Tenn., was no different – the race raised $15,000 for MDA!

This money goes straight into funding research and helping those suffering from neuromuscular diseases. Watching DECA award this EPIC check to MDA at the opening session is a truly incredible feeling. Not only is it a blessing to MDA, but it provides every student watching a sense of perspective and purpose.

From the leisure walkers who are out to enjoy their time on the course to serious runners looking to bring back 1st place, the 5K proves to be a good time for all participants.

Yet, amongst all this fun, it proved to do something so much more. It showed everyone here at #DECAICDC that if we come together and support each other, we can impact many people and potentially change the world in which we live.

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