The Best #DECAICDC Opening Session in DECA History

This year, DECA’s International Career Development Conference in Nashville, Tenn., kicked off with an EPIC opening session.

The #DECAICDC opening session was jam-packed with all sorts of awesome performers, keynote speakers, and much more. Nearly 18,000 DECA members filled the Bridgestone Arena on Saturday, April 23. The atmosphere was electric. There was not a single person who wasn’t excited to be there. This opening session will go down in history as one of the best DECA has ever seen.

Before the opening session started, some of the world’s best negotiators bartered for pins, hats, and all sorts of glow-in-the dark swag. The trading of pins has been a tradition for years. Each association is given unique DECA pins to trade with members from all over the world. Each pin you receive is to commemorate meeting someone from that particular state or country. You can always tell how good of a negotiator someone is by what pins they have.

Some of the highlights of this year's opening session are FIDM fashion show, the parade of flags, keynote speakers from Marriott, and an EPIC performance from Lauren Alaina. The excitement never dulled in the Bridgestone Arena.

The Fashion Institute of Design Management Debut 2016 inspires DECA members to be creative with their clothing and accessories. The FIDM Debut showcased four different designers and their creative designs. Models lined the stage with all new fashion statements. Each designer had a different theme for their clothing that the world has never seen.

The keynote speakers inspired DECA members to be successful in the future. Marriott’s Andy Chaves spoke about how the company is giving back to the community and even gave away ten GoPro cameras. Melissa Froehlich Flood spoke about her connection with DECA and told members to listen to their heart when picking a career. Erika Alexander spoke about the importance of networking and how you should love the company for whom you work. All three Marriott executives inspired DECA members to work hard for a better future.

Lauren Alaina gave an exciting performance for the finale of the Opening Session. She sang some of her best hits as well as some chart toppers of recent past. The arena roared with excitement when she took the stage. By the end of her performance, she had every single DECA member on their feet dancing and singing along. There is no doubt that she gained a couple thousand new fans with her epic performance. 

This year’s #DECAICDC Opening Session was full of excitement and inspiration. DECA members are lucky that they get to be a part of this EPIC organization that offers great opportunities like these. Now it’s time for competition. 

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