Get Set for #DECAICDC With 5 Competition Tips

In less than 24 hours, over 17,500 DECA members will compete with hopes of winning the prestigious finalist trophies and scholarships.

As competition approaches closer, anxiety levels are surely rising. Here are a few last minute tips to prepare you for success.

  1. Look Over Key Business Terms

Your judge will be impressed hearing you use proper terminology during your interview. However, this doesn’t mean you say every marketing term that comes to your mind. Make sure you clearly communicate your ideas. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

  1. Elaborate

Your judge is not a mind reader. Don’t assume that he or she will automatically follow your train of thought. Instead, lead the judge steadily through your proposed plan, highlighting important details and procedures.

  1. Use Visuals

Visual aides enhance role-plays and presentations. Use your given resources to create a quick sketch of a poster or brochure, and explain it to the judge to improve your interview or presentation.

  1. Keep Your Posture Straight and Your Handshakes Firm

Your first impression is defined by your handshake. A flimsy handshake conveys hesitance to the judge while a firm handshake shows confidence. Don’t slouch while presenting. Your judge will be more willing to have an active conversation with you if you are lively rather than lazy.

  1. Breathe

This one is most important. You’re freaked out, but so is the competitor next to you. Enjoy your event, and take a deep breath when you feel yourself talking too fast or getting anxious. A strategic pause is better than confusing your judge with filler words and unclear thoughts.

Making it this far is a display of your hard work and positive work ethic. Enjoy this experience, and have a positive mind frame.

Good luck competitors! Let’s bring home some trophies!

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