Resume + Elevator Pitch Tips from #DECAinDC

#DECAinDC attendees were treated to first-hand professional development experience during the Collegiate DECA 2016 International Career Development Conference on Sunday morning.

Top industry experts from a variety of career fields shared their insight and advice with eager Collegiate DECA members in Washington, D.C., for Day 2 of the conference.

The Business Management + Administration track were honored to have Mr. Michael Lawrence from NAPA sharing some tips and tricks on writing resumes, preparing effective elevator pitches and overall how to, “be awesome.”

When it comes to writing an EPIC resume, Mr. Lawrence pointed out that, “the more words, the better.” Visual presentation and organization are key, since companies use a software to scan your resume for key words to find the most optimal candidates.

 Mr. Lawrence suggested that students ditch the lines and any extra formatting in order to leave room for more words. He also recommended using effective bullet points, but noted that they shouldn’t make up a majority of the resume.

Mr. Lawrence also emphasized that the actual words on your resume do make a huge difference. When going over your resume, does it make you look like an achiever or a doer? Looking at details like, “I did this,” versus, “I achieved this,” can make a huge difference.

Lastly Mr. Lawrence shared a digital readiness tip: Your resume should be 50 kilobytes or less.

When it comes to preparing an effective elevator speech, Mr. Lawrence shared a clever acronym for students to remember – “L.O.V.E. in an elevator.”

L = Locate Similarities
Start your conversation with something you both may have in common. He gave the example of people, or money for people in the business world.

O = One Sentence Story
You need a sentence that will grab the person’s attention and also shows that you are an achiever.

V = Value Statement
What is unique about you?

E = End with a Question
Mr. Lawrence mentioned that the person asking questions is in control of the conversation.

#DECAinDC attendees were so thankful to have Mr. Lawrence share these EPIC business tips with us and will certainly be bringing these EPIC ideas back home with us.

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