4 Final Competition Tips for an EPIC #DECAinDC Ending

It’s mid-March and you are at your Collegiate DECA association conference, impatiently waiting to hear if you have placed to continue onto the International Career Development Conference.

Finally, you hear your name, and if you are anything like me, your first thought is, “Wow, I can’t wait to go to Washington, D.C., with my friends and get to skip class!”

Really what I should be thinking is, “How could I better prepare myself to ensure I will do well at #DECAinDC?”

Although you placed at state, there are no guarantees that you will at ICDC. With that being said, here are few ways you can prepare, to better your success:

1. Know the ins and outs of your event. You may think that going over one practice test and one role-play is enough, but there are many different scenarios to each individual event. It is important to look over multiple role plays, and quizzes to add variety to your studying and give you a better chance of being familiar with what might be given to you at ICDC.

2. Use your resources. There are many helpful links available to satisfy your studying needs, so use them. These websites, apps, and even books have practice quizzes and role plays that you can access, with just the click of a button. Here are a few for your last minute preparations:

3. Practice. It is important to use your DECA teammates, advisors, or even just friends to help get more comfortable while presenting a role play. Always remember when competing that it is okay to be nervous. Being nervous shows your judge that this is something that you are truly passionate about and that you would not have traveled all the way here for no reason.

4. Wear the correct attire. Be sure that you are presenting yourself as if you were truly pitching these ideas during a real interview, in front of a real employer. You would not enter your interview with a t-shirt and tennis shoes (boys) and last nights make up with a messy bun (girls), so I do not advise you to do that while competing either. Here is a Prezi that is extremely helpful when concerned with what to wear.

Overall remember to have fun. Yes, this can be extremely stressful, but this experience is not only preparing us as young business men and women and boosting our resumes, but also creating many memories that will impact our lives forever.

So go get in your last minute studying, and enjoy #DECAinDC! I hope everyone has an eventful and successful trip. Best of luck to all, and remember, you are EPIC.

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