#DECAinDC Competition Tips to Help You Make the Stage

Each year as new members join Collegiate DECA, my advisors always ask the returning members to share any competition tips they may have.

Over the years I have heard many competition tips and decided to compile the top answers from both advisors and students to share with hopefully #DECAinDC competitors.

If you want to make it on the Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference stage Tuesday night, check out these tips and tricks for EPIC competitive event success:

  1. Confidence is key.

Did you know that the feeling you get from being nervous and excited is the exact same? Now that you know, you can tell yourself that you are just excited for your presentation instead of nervous. Greet your judge(s) with a solid handshake and eye contact. For those in a role-play, everyone in your category is dealt the same case study so make sure that the solution you come up with is creative and delivered with confidence.

  1. Use visuals.

If you are doing a prepared event and have visuals, be sure to direct the judge to them so they can make a connection with the information. For those in a role-play, if the case asks you to design an app/website/etc., be sure to draw something up because it ties all of your information together in a nice visual.

  1. Performance indicators.

Pay very close attention to these. You are being scored on how well you address the problem at hand, as well as the performance indicators, so be sure to touch upon them. While you are solving the problem presented to you be sure to integrate the performance indicators into your speech.

  1. Talk business.

You have to speak in terms of your audience, which in this case is business professionals. Even if this is your first year in DECA, be sure to research some business terms to integrate into your presentation. Using terms such as “target market” instead of “people we wish to reach,” will give you credibility because you sound like you know what you are talking about.

Good luck this week at #DECAinDC and don’t forget to #beDECAepic!

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