#DECAICDC Competition Tips from Former DECA Association Officers

DECA association officers have found success on many levels in the DECA world, but especially in the competition category.

Most association officers have had experience through public speaking, competing, and campaigning, and their strong words of wisdom can be an inspiration to you during competition.

I recently contacted former Georgia DECA association officers and asked them their most important tips for competitions. Below are the responses I received!

Bobbi Miller: 2015-2016 Georgia DECA VP of Marketing

“My most important competition tip is to BREATHE. Often times as competitors, we get wrapped up in remembering our performance indicators and key points that we forget to breathe. Taking a deep breath before starting a presentation will put your mind at ease. Judges can sense nervous energy, and by breathing, you relieve some of that energy and give the appearance of being cool, calm, and collected”. 

Tucker Hall: 2015-2016 Georgia DECA VP of Hospitality
“Smile and be confident in yourself! The way you say the words means just as much as what you say!”.

Leo Finkley: 2015-2016 Georgia DECA State President
“The best smile is the one you see the most! So when competing and trying to nail those performance indicators and make a great impression on judges, remember to smile. If you think you are smiling too much, it is hardly enough! The judges are bound to remember an eager and sincere smile”. 

Autumn Foss: 2013-2014 VP of Competitive Events
“Even when you aren’t quite sure about something, say it with confidence. The more confident you are the more memorable you’ll be”.

Tanner Samples: 2015-2016 Georgia DECA VP of Career Development
“Be confident in what you’re doing, regardless of how familiar or comfortable you are with the topic. Sometimes how you say something is more important than what you’re saying”.

Agnes Hina: 2014-2015 VP of Finance
“Find an emotional component that sets you apart from the other competitors”.

Thank you to all the former Georgia DECA officers who gave their advice for this article, and good luck to all those competing in Nashville next week!

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