Top 20 Tips on How to be Successful in College

You’ve heard it before – college is very different from high school.

There’s more responsibility, freedom and pressure than ever before. It’s important that you take the necessary steps to ensure your college career is successful and boosts you out into the world, ready to conquer your future.

Check out these 20 tips on how to be successful in college:

1. Take control. It’s your responsibility to make sure you get every assignment in on time. You’re in control of whether you want to get good grades and graduate.

2. Adjust your attention span. High school is a lot different then college. In college, you’ll have more classes, more homework and less time to get them in. So, it is a good idea to adjust your attention span. Having more time and sitting down with a plan will help you not be overwhelmed.

3. Study; don’t “study.” Best advice when it comes to studying for any major test that count for half of your grade is to take time, find a place where you can be alone, and have quietness to think.

4. Connect with your professor. This one is a great tip because, as you know, sometimes assignments are confusing and it doesn’t hurt to ask for help, extra time or a second pair of eyes. Your professor is there for any thing you need.

5. Pursue your passion. Don’t forget throughout your major, that what matters is what you truly want to do for the rest of your life. Don’t forget about your dreams while your attending college.

6. Always read your syllabus. This can be helpful for any of your courses. Your syllabus can give you information that you may need to know, but also the outcomes that you will actually learn at the end of the course as well as important deadlines.

7. Stay on top of your work. This is major in college because one bad grade or one late assignment can cost you big time (like retaking a class or not graduating on time).

8. Take advantage of the writing center. The writing center is there to help you with all your writing assignments, like research papers or even speeches. Most writing centers are free for students to use and can make the difference between an OK grade and an A+.

9. Choose your major carefully. Make sure it is something you truly want to do for four years and something you know you can do after you finish college.

10. Never give up. No matter how hard, stressful or tiring college can be, it is worth every minute and in the end will better your life and career goals.

11. Learn to be organized. This is a great tool in college or in life because who wants to lose notes to an important test or paper. So be careful and always organize your work and any notes for college.

12. Set career and lifelong goals. I’ve learned that after almost three years of college, your career or lifelong goals are important to know throughout your college career. The classes you take and the choices you make in college should always reflect your end goal of a fulfilling career.

13. Reward yourself. It is always great to reward yourself for any accomplishment, whether it be a good grade or a good paper. Just treat yourself and be proud of yourself.

14. Go to class, whether it’s online or on campus. Always, always, always go to class! It’s the smallest thing you can do to help yourself during college.

15. Write a to do list for modules. This one is benefiting my own personal college life. I really like to write to do lists for the modules for my classes each week. This will help you stay on track and not forget any small assignments.

16. Learn to handle your stress. Stress can be overwhelming and in college, it’s inevitable that you’ll stress out almost weekly. Realize that everything is going to be okay and find out the best way that you handle your own stress. Take a nap, go for a run or make a to-do list – just don’t let it overwhelm you!

17. Strive for good grades. Good grades are important, but you don’t have to go insane and just want all A’s. College is hard and A’s are not handed out. You can be proud and happy with your grades and GPA even if you have some B’s and C’s.

18. Make time for yourself or family. This can be hard to do, especially with so much happening in your new life at college. Call your mom every once in a while and make time to go back home.

19 . Keep track of your money. This tip can help you in college and in real life when you need to pay for bills or daily things. There are plenty of free apps and websites that can track your spending and help your manage your money so you don’t graduate with an empty bank account.

20. Take notes. This is always a good tip through out your college career. Taking notes in class will keep you engaged and your studying will be much easier when it comes to test time.

Last words of wisdom to anyone out there who is either attending college or about to attend college is to always stay positive and never give up but also work!

You can do it! Always believe that and believe in yourself!

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